Why DigiFence?

Technology isn’t enough to combat threats. Intelligence combined with expert frontliners is the recipe needed to prepare the best protection for our clients/affiliates. Entrust our experts to help your business and organization to prevent, detect and predict breaches.


We operate with transparency to create a valuable mutual trust and respect between us and our clients/affiliates.


Quality service provided individually to every organization member we approach as client/affiliate.


We value the usage of innovative technologies, constantly improving the capabilities of our business for maximum client satisfaction.


Motivated team that never gives up. We constantly work to improve our relationships along with the solutions we offer and deliver.


We came up with a unique evaluation system. We know that we are capable of customizing and providing the best protection for our clients and/or affiliates. High self-confidence that got built up by having expert DF frontliners who constantly deliver their inputs to our intelligence to proceed and prepare our team for instant and effective response.

Proven security is applied to a wide range of environment, regardless of size or industry.

DF system is Flexible and Expandable on demand!

the DF team

We stand behind our customers, partners and each other to deliver the best solutions.


CoFounder • CEO

Legal professions and subjects of Russian-Armenian Modern Humanitarian Institute • since August 2018, CoFounder and CEO of “DigiFence” LLC • has over 18 years of work experience in ICT
(12+ years in banking sector)


CoFounder • CISO

Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems • since August 2018, CoFounder and CISO of “DigiFence” LLC • has over 16 years of work experience in ICT (9+ years in banking sector) • holds global industry leading certifications; CISSP, CNDA, CEH, ISO 27001 LI and ISO 27032 LCSM


Coordinating Manager

Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, and also of French University of Armenia • since October 2018, Coordinating Manager of “DigiFence” LLC • has experience both in financial and ICT sectors

DigiFence Services

Customized to your industry and IT environment needs, DF will establish a holistic security program to protect your organization's IT infrastructure against threats in an increasingly complex cyber world. Simply choose a suitable CyberSecurity level from the listed below keeping in mind that they all include IT infrastructure design, implementation and support. Each advanced level covers all previous levels as well as controls are equal to CIS controls which are global industry best practices endorsed by leading IT security vendors and governing bodies.

Join forces with us and help your organization to support its mission!

01 • Basic Level
(up to 20 units in network)

o Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets
o Inventory and Control of Software Assets
o Continuous Vulnerability Management
o Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges
o Secure Configuration for Hardware and Software on Devices
o Maintenance, Monitoring and Analysis of Audit Logs

03 • Organizational Level
(over 60 units in network)

o Implement a Security Awareness and Training Program
o Application Software Security
o Incident Response and Management
o Penetration Tests and Red Team Exercises

02 • Foundational Level
(20-60 units in network)

o Email and Web Browser Protections
o Malware Defenses
o Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols and Services
o Data Recovery Capabilities
o Secure Configuration of Network Devices
o Boundary Defense
o Data Protection
o Controlled Access Based on the Need to Know
o Wireless Access Control
o Account Monitoring and Control

04 • Enterprise Level
(organizations with multiple branches)

o NIST Cybersecurity Framework
o ISO 27001 Information Security Management System



Email: info@digifence.am

Phone: +37411484848

27/4 Azatutyan Avenue,
Yerevan, Armenia